Cataloging Your Collection

In addition to insuring your collectibles, the best thing you can do to protect your investment is to catalog or inventory your collection. You can record on paper or in your computer but it is crucial to have the basic information about each piece you own. Keep a copy of your inventory, be it paper or disk in your safe deposit box or other secure, off-site location. The following is a list of the type of information you want to retain (if applicable):

1) item name, number and description
2) Manufacturer name
3) Year of Issue
4) Limited edition number
5) Special markings
6) Purchase price
7) Purchased from
8) Date of purchase

If you have Microsoft Access database software, there are pre-designed templates available specficially for tracking various kinds of collections. In some versions of Access, the templates are ready and waiting, but in some of the newer version, the templates need to be downloaded from the Microsoft web site. You may need to modify some field names to suit your purposes.

Other softward packages specifially designed for cataloging collectibles include:

My Stuff from Collectify. This is for the serious collector and tracks every piece of information you could imagine, including insurance claims, reference material, provenances, etc. Can organize all your collections into separate catalogs. Free trial version.

The Collectibles Database from J. Phillip, Inc. This one is designed to track specific lines of collectibles and provide current market values as a periodic update. There is not a module for Halcyon Days but you can use the software without it. 

Collectibles Organizer Deluxe from Primasoft. Windows-based. Free trial download.

The Collectors FastTrack Cataloging and Inventory Software "NBV" (TM)
 from the Antique and Art Information Network Inc. Free evaluation copy.

Collection Master III from Nortica Technologies. Seems to have a lot of features at a great price.

Collectorpro Collection Edition
 from Collectorpro Software. They have several editions but this one is for the general collector and tracks financial information, photos, and more for one or more collections. They have been offering collectible software since 1992. Includes free training and 90 days support. All software is delivered electronically. Free trial available.